BAT VK-75SE & VK-51SE break in time

I have just purchased pre-power from BAT (VK-75SE & VK-51SE)driving Sonus Faber Cremonas floorstanding speakers. I just want to know how much time will be needed for the amps to break in and when it will be safe to crank the volume. My dealer told me that I should start the real listening after 60 hours and evaluate cd players (I am searching to buy a player) after 300 hours!! I am at 40 hours at the moment.
You have a long way to go. You can crank it won't hurt anything. The breakin that happens is on the sound quality. I'd leave it on, playing music 24 x 7 for awhile. You'll notice it having much more liquid & open sound...bettter top end, better decays, more open and spacious. It's a pretty big deal.

It also helps several times during this process to power it down completely and leave off for a few hours. Then start back up and let it for for a few days....I called BAT, they say the caps charging and completely discharging have something to do with this...
Hello Savourdos,

First congratulations! I know my 51se and 150se mono-blocks have brought me hours upon hours of musical enjoyment and I wish you the same. 300 hrs is about on target.

As you clock on more time you will hear the music open up and breathe, images will be more defined and have solidity, texture of tone will be more relaxed and captivating at the same time, and boy does it get dynamic.

All the best,
Thank you very much for your responses. Indeed Ihave a long way to go.... (90 hours and counting).
Are your speakers broken in? and if so how long do you have them?
The Bat's and all Tube gear need at least 100hrs, 300hrs max, you're close.
Btw the matching sounds very very good IMO.

The Cremonas will have their first birthday next month. By now they have over 1000 hours on them. Btw I have just started listening from the amplifiers some of the things I was expecting this morning (by coincidence I reached 100 hours). To tell you the truth I had started doubting my purchase (taking into consideration their prices), but if they continue to improve over the next 2-3 weeks they will probably reach my expectations.
Calling Savourdos - We are ready for a follow up now . . . I think it's been over 300 hours . . .

I'm expecting a stellar review considering those components are fairly widely acclaimed.

Results? Envelope please?