BAT VK-75SE or Rogue Zeus

Has anyone compared these two amps? I have the opportunity to get very good deals on either of these amps and wanted to know more about them. I have heard the BAT VK-75 and 75SE but not in the same system. The Zeus seems like a lotta amp for the money too and I will get to hear it in a few weeks at a friends home. I would probably use either amp to replace my Pass Labs X-250 on Talon Raven-C speakers and if I go with the Zeus. I will probably mate it to the M99 preamp, the BAT???

Your comments are appreciated.
Any responses? Have you heard the Zeus? I just sold my Quicksilver Audio V4 Monoblocks and Preamp (I loved my Quicksilver Audio equipment, they sounded beautiful). I am very interested in the Rogue Zeus married with the M99. Any thoughts...
I have not heard the BAT. However the Zeus is fantastic. It bested ARC vtm 200's in my system.