BAT VK 75SE & BAT VK 51SE & Cremonas speakers.

Any suggestions concerning the speaker and interconect cables for BAT VK 75SE & BAT VK 51SE & Cremonas speakers?
I have though on the Cardas Golden reference for the interconects and the Kimber select KS series for the speakers.
Thanks in advance
I heard the Sonus Faber Ceromas and with a Teac Esoteric DV50, BAT vk31se and BAT vk250se yesterday at my dealer. I'm considering the DV50 for myself. I own your amp and pre and use Trans Ref xl cables myself.

Anyway, his system with the Sonus Faber's, BAT was wired with Transparent Ultra MM cables was incredible. Also transparent power cords was used. I'd have to say, give Transparent a try.

Dealer was in Dallas, if you're close, send me a email and I'll let you know where...
Thanks for your opinion Jfrech, but the Transparent cables cost are out of my budget, too much for me which doesn't mean they are expensive, maybe not. Is just my budget is to low for their cost. That's one reson for looking into the budget range of $400 - $600.
Cardas Golden Ref are great bang for the buck - esp when picked used. Great resolution and VERY neutral sound. One of the best cables around, regardless of price.

Transparent aren't any better (I have tried Ultra MM and Reference MM), and are far more expensive.

As for the Kimber KS series - I haven't heard them, so I cannot comment.
Thanks for your comment Elberoth2, it is usefull indeed.
Best regards,

also try Cardas Neutral Reference.

I have SF Cremona with Plinius sa102 and Cardas