BAT vk-75se ARC vs115 vs110 comparisons?


Just curious if anyone has had the chance to compare the BAT vk-55/75/150 SE tube amps to the ARC vs115 or vs110? I've owned a BAT vk-75 (non-SE) and I currently have a Modwright KWA-150. The Modwright sounds good, but it has a comparatively thin midrange and much smaller soundstage than the BAT. On the other hand it does have noticeably better bass control and treble detail. Would something like the ARC vs115 or the BAT VK-75SE be a good compromise between the two amps? Thanks in advance.

Hello Npdang,

I did own the BAT 150se mono-blocks for about 10yrs. Over that period of time I got to compare them, in my system, to many other highly regarded amps. Including the ARC VT200 and the Manley Neo-Classic 250 among others. In my system the BAT was simply on another level of fidelity and overall performance.

I highly recommend you seek finding a pair. IMO at their used prices it's a no-brain-er. Good luck!

Yes the BAT 150 SE amps are awesome I had them for a few years. I would never have sold but the heat was a major issue for me so I switched to solid state.
had a ref 110 and didnt like it as much as my VTLs I had at the time. I since got the BAT REXpower stereo and now monoblock amps. If i didnt have these i would own the BAT 150se amps. I agree with above. At there used prices, a no brainer