Does anyone have compared this two amplifiers? Which one is better? Can both of them drive the speakers BW Nautilus series? Thanks for your time.
arc is a better match with b&w
arc is a better match with b&w
Alex0069 if you like the Bat so much then why did you just put yours up sale today??
I think you only answered this thread to help sell your amp!!
he asked a honest question and should be given a honest answer.
that's what gets my goat about these forum threads sometimes you get people trying to promote things that they are selling, instead of providing good input as the above post shows!
I agree with Btstrg's point here and yet just a simple response, "abc is better", is just as worthless. The word "better" is relative to all of us anyway. Rather than use this, it would be nice if members here would explain what it is they preferred about one unit over the other. Was there a more coherent tonal balance when used with product xyz? Was there greater resolution or more harmonic richness, or extension in the top frequencies, etc., etc. Does the ARC's additional power output result in driving the B&Ws to higher volume levels with less strain on both the amp and speakers, or is this a "better" fit due to the ARC's slight forward top end mating well with the B&W's slightly reserved top end?

I have heard ARC and BAT amps both drive B&W Nautilus speakers and do a mighty fine job each time. But without a head-to-head comparison, there's no way I can tell you which is "better". Nunof, the only way for you to know for sure, is to audition some of this gear in your own home.

I am using a VK-75SE to drive a pair of Vandy 5 (which has built-in subs) in a 38' x 15' room. I can tell you that it has barely enough power. If I drive it a bit too hard, say watching the movie Master of Commander, it will blow a tube fuse. I think B&W floor standing models need even more power than the Vandy 5. You might want to consider that. I never have the ARC in my system, I cannot give any comment.
I used to own VK-150, now VK-75SE. A friend brought over his ARC VT-100 II for me to play while I had the VK-150. BAT is better in every regard, from resolution, transparency, to bass definition. Soundstage is significantly wider and imaging is better as well. VK-75SE takes all the strength to another level, the harmonic richness and coherence are so startling real.

Speaker used is SF Amati, fairly demanding load for a tube amp like B&W Nautilus.
Btstrg makes a strong point. You cannot comment on a thread, add nothing that helps a person make a decision and then have your amp up for sale, especially since you hae not added to Agon with other threads.

Now, it really all comes down to speaker and amp synergy. I own the Pass X-250 power amp which I think is a great amp. It also sounds very different with different preamps. That said, it has not been the perfect match for different speakers that I have auditioned. So is it the amp or the speakers. B&W speakers in general love high current SS amps. I am sure that they will work with tubes amps also. It can also depend on how loud you like your music. The ARC works great with Vandy speakers IMO, because they mate well with what the amp can do and what the speakers can do, they match.

My advice is to try both of them out. If you cannot do that, then buy at a good used price here on Agon, as these two amps have been retaining there resale value.

Happy Listening.
75W & 100W probably not much difference in power. I have S805s and there was only marginal differences betw. 300W (bryston), 150 W (pass), 100W (ARC VS110). I have a bookshelf with medium sized room so floorstanders 803 and up are different. It more important to choose the timbre you like. Bat is darker & sweeter, ARC perhaps more neutral. ARC still blooms more than Pass. Pass is a very natural sounding SS. Much better IMHO than Bryston.
I have compared two VK-60s running mono with the VT-200. The speakers driven were Dunlavy SC-4a which are large, but 91db and as I recall, my old 801 matrix 11 speakers were in the high 80s. Many of my fellow audio club members also listened and chose. Most, but no all preferred the BAT VK-60s. I can tell you having long experience with both, that the ARC equipment is more reliable and not as much a challenge to manage finding quiet 6SN7 tubes. There is also the option of rolling 6550 power tubes or even KT88s. My opinion is that the ARC sounds more neutral and the BATS have a more classic tube personality. If you chose 801s as your speaker, neither the VK-100 or the VK75SE would provide enough muscle to get all you could from your speakers.
Have got the VK-75Se and the VT-200 on hand for extensive time to try out.
the VK-75Se is way better on all parameters compared to the VT-200.
75Se has more top end opennes, clarity, smoothness, emotional involvement, imaging, detail you name it.
The VT-200 sounds bit gross and veiling .
Not that the VT-200 does anything 'bad', but the moment you hook up the BAT it's set and done, it's that obvious.
front end VK-51Se / VK-P10SE.

Second VK-75SE will be my next purchase.

regards tuboo