BAT VK-75 vs. ARC VT100 MkIII?


after auditioning loads of SS amps with my avalon arcus speakers, i've decided i like tubes better (gasp!) notwithstanding the bass/dynamics. i'm listening to the vk-75 now at home (demo) and i'm extremely impressed by the detail and natural intonation, especially on voices, horns, etc. the bass is not nearly as tight as it was with, for example, the accuphase p-450 i tried, but the midrange more than makes up for it imho.

i've heard the ARC only in the store on wilson watt/puppys and a different front end so it's hard to compare. anyway, if i had to compare, i'd give the edge in bass and dynamics to the ARC but the edge in low-level detail to the BAT. i probably won't be able to try the ARC at home.

any thoughts from others who've tried these two? any input is appreciated.

I would recommend staying with BAT just because their service is far better than ARC's.

Ask the Audiogon user, MES about his experience with ARC and you will never buy their product.
Hello S2k, I would go with the BAT 75. When you have the extra $ have BAT upgrade it to the 75se. I just bought a pair of 150se's to drive my Eidolons and I am floored. What a magical combination! Good luck, Tom
I use BAT VK-60 with my eclipse and love it, though I can only imagine eidolon's w/VK-150se(that is what I am saving for). It may be cheaper to get another VK-75 then to upgrade it to a se, it was on a lot. I also have nothing but good to say about BAT's service they are right on top of things. Good luck with it.
I have a vk-75 on order, and I sold my vt 100 mk II. the ARC was great, but I really did not want to pay $839 when the tubes needed replacing. I'm told the BAT will only be around $400, and the tubes last a minimum of four years (unit off when not in use). Also, how cool is the BAT open architecture? I can't wait. I have mixed thoughts on the SE. Of course, I'd prefer that unit, but I don't know that without a side-by-side comparison, I ever notice any difference. Tubes are more costly also. The stereophile f/u review was too short to really help with this $2500 decision.
Regarding ARC. They do charge a lot for their tubes but if you're buying this class of gear, you had better be able to afford the maintenance and upkeep. And by the way, you DO NOT have to buy the tubes from ARC. I bought mine from an independent tube dealer for much less and everything is working just fine, thank you. Also consider the number of tubes. I don't know how many or what type are used in the VK-75 but there are 8 6550's and 8 6H30's in the ARC VT100MKIII and that adds up in total tube cost. How many tubes in the VK-75 to keep this comparison fair?

As for ARC service I have absolutely no complaints at all and nothing but high regard for their people. I've contacted them on a few occasions and got nothing but top notch service and support. I got first class "technical support" over the phone AND free copies of documentation and schematics via fax. All that, and I'm not even the original owner of the gear. They didn't ask for serial number, proof of purchase, etc. They just answered my questions and were eager to help.
well, i decided to get the BAT.

basically, once i had it in my system, i just couldn't let it go. i love the open natural sound and incredible soundstaging that the vk-75 throws through my avalons. i really liked the ARC tho i never had a chance to hear it in my system...but that extra 25 watts woulda been nice.

in the end, some practical considerations came into play. first, the ARC woulda cost me at least $500 more. second the ARC would have been at least twice as expensive to retube (abe - the BAT has half as many tubes as the ARC) and (i think) requires biasing, which the auto-biasing BAT does not. third, and least importantly, i prefer the cool open styling of the BAT - it looks amazing at night. :)

i am now shopping for some good but inexpensive balanced ICs. i intend to run fully balanced from CD player to preamp to amp. any suggestions?

thnks again for your input.