BAT VK-75 SE Tube Amp and Dynaudio Confidence C1s?

Greetings All-

Anyone out there have experience with BAT tube amps (preferably the VK75SE) and Dynaudio C1 speakers? The amp just arrived yesterday and the VK-51 SE pre amp in on the way. I thought I'd try something different and build a tube based system for a small listening room (10'x 16') in a new condo. Due to the size of the room, I'm looking for a small high quality speaker that will mate well with the BAT gear. I know the C1s aren't the most efficient speaker out there but I'm hoping the combination of a muscular tube amp (juice to awaken the speakers) and a small room (to get SPLs) will result in a synergistic combo. Thanks...
I use Wilson-Benesch ARCs with BAT. Great speakers that are easy to get into small spaces. Most of the WB line works in small spaces, not a small sound.
I have the 75SE and Wilson Watt Puppy 6's in a 15 x 18 room. Sounds great. You'll likely be ok given the room size.
Thanks for the info. Rello- how big is your room? There is a WB dealer close by and I'll check out the ARCs. Jfrech- great set-up! Have you considered going monoblock on the BATs?
cbd0815: oh yeah i want to go mono. Right now I'm moving to all purist cables...then update the phono stage...then a new amp.
My room is small only 13 X 14. I do use a rel B2 which adds depth. The ARCs on their own are great. They are extremely coherent and work well at low and high volume. Great built and the least boxy sounding dynamic speaker I ever owned. Mono blocks would be nice but space and heat are a consideration. I use a 31 se with a vk-250 (bat pack) and vkp5 phono with six pack. Bat stuff is great. If you have a WB dealer definitely go listen.
Rello - can you share some thoughts on the Rel B2? Have you made direct comparisons to Rels older subs, or to the Velo DD series?
The B2 integrates very well with my WB ARCs and I am sure anything else. I like the front firing woofer since it makes it easier to place the sub and it also has a smaller footprint. The thing that you are never prepared for with the rel is how much more depth there is. The soundstage opens up and you also get a greater sense of space.

I had a brief listening with a Storm. The B2 is definitely more powerful and has more speed. ( I believe due to the arm loading). My understanding when talking to people who know REL products better than me is that performance is shifted up in the Brit line over their respective ST series products (respective in terms of price Storm B3, Stadium B2 and Stentor B1)