BAT VK-75, McIntosh MC 275 or Sonic Frontiers ???

OK, I am playing it a bit safe in looking at these three amp manufacturers. I am looking for a tube amp to drive Alon V MKII speakers, 87db, 3 way design. Alon tells me to use at least 100 wpc with a tube amp. I do prefer a musical sound that maybe leans slightly towards a sweeter mid-range. I currently use a Counterpoint SA-220 hybrid that has been modified and uses the 6SN7 tubes. It sounds very nice and it offers sound right between other SS and tube amps that I have heard.

The BAT & MAC can change to mono amps and are priced a few hundred dollars from each other used. The SF Power 2 is priced much less and the SF Power 3 monos are about the same price of the BAT VK-75 non SE version used.

That being said, I am looking for ease of use and maintenance from a tube amp, including biasing, good tube availability that are not too expensive/available, plus overall reliability. In addition, ease of resale should I not like the amp.

If you have some useful thoughts and comments, have compared the amps, etc., please post your information.

Thanks in advance and Happy Listening.
In terms of bang for the buck, a used SF Power 2 or 3 is very hard to beat.