Hey guys! What do you think about BAT VK-655SE? What do you like about it? What do you hate about it? What's the rest of the system? What did you compare it with? Thanks!
Do you have one in your system?
I have a BAT VK-6200 and I think it’s absolutely sublime and the best multi-channel amp out there.

I’d love to hear what the owners of the 655se think of their amps and how they compare to others they’ve owned.

This is my system and I was thinking of upgrading to BAT VK-655SE...

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Nice system John. 
Here's one of the few reviews I could find online.

Like you I'm still waiting for someone to comment on the 655se. 
Is the VK-655SE amp close to the top REX ?
Happy Listening!
which B.A.T. amp did you purchase?  Happy Listening!
I still have the VK-600SE... I’m not hurrying with the VK-655SE! And still waiting for opinions...
Thanks! You too, jafant!

I also have the VK-600SE and Steve at Bat told me not to spend the $3500.00 on the upgrade , not worth it. Just sell mine and buy VK655SE when available. Only difference oil capaciters!
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