BAT VK-6200

Has anyone had the chance to demo this HT amp? I own an EAD PM2000 which drives martin logan quest z's and logos center and would like to hear from anyone who has heard the BAT or could compare these two HT amps, esp. with respect to driving speakers with low impedence. Thanks.
I use the VK 6200 in a four channel mode to biamp to two channel, and the amp is very quick and commanding, yet able to make those subtle distincions. I would have to say one of the best in its price category, rivaling the best for two channel. Power reserve is substantial, huge output transformers - I would predict no problem with low impedance speakers. I think it would be a killer in an HT setting.
Keep your EAD. I seriously doubt you'll ever find anything better for hometheater than the PM2000. or anything that looks as sweet either!!