BAT VK 600 M SE power conditioner


I have a system consist of dCS verdi/purcell/verona & elgar + connected directly into my BAT monoblocks driven SF strad speakers. (kimber 1130 & 1038)
I use a PS audio powerplant for the source.
My question is if anyone can recommend any power conditioner for my power amps, or have any experience using conditioner for big power amps.

I would have prefer since there is some distance between the amps to have a separate conditioner for each amp, each amps have two power inlets.

Any suggestion/recommodations?

Best regards

Our BAT equipment draws a lot of juice and any restriction may change your sound. I have BAT VK150SE's. Personlly, I'd recommend getting the best power you can to the amps (dedicated 20 amp line, iso ground, good wire, top AC plugs), then using a great power cord (well cords 4 in this case for you)

The Purist Audio Designs cords work great for me. They also have a new model out that seems to be awesome. I use Purist 20th Anniversary now. In the past my favorite cords (In order of best to least liked - all of these GOOD!) with BAT have been the Purist Dominus Ferrox, the Purist Dominus fluid, Kimber Palladian PK10, Tranparent Powerlink Reference.

Any of these cords will work great for you.

Good luck
I use a ISOTEK Titan for my amps.It is strickly designed for amps of all kinds including high drawing ones...There are 2 outlets on the unit.
One of the local dealers uses one on their AR 210 tube monos with great results

you will not be disappointed
First off, after 30years immersed in this addiction we call "High End Audio", I have NEVER had a component damaged from an electrical event...not even close! Secondly, all of the power conditioner equipment sold will change the sound of your system...mostly for the worse. Low level detail, transparency etc...will suffer the most. A dedicated 20amp line will do wonders. I also employ MIT cables to address any other said power contamination the white papers on line noise and the various methods used to correct it and the subsequent results of each method. MIT uses parallel filtration technology which does not rob your system of anything but noise:)
Dave b,
I too have been addicted to high end since the late 70's with the start of my rack mount Pioneer system...I will agree with you that (some) will change your sound for the worse but not(all)..I will disagree with you there,and I doubt you have tried them all especially the Isotek gear which has the same technology that MIT uses but more advanced...And since you are pushing the MIT I guess that it is not in the (all) catagory..???Its a product which you alone like in your (own) system(a senergy thing).In my system MIT didn't work well but OCOS speaker wire and Audience and DH Lab IC's along with my own home made Power cords does..A dedicated line is a great start for isolating noise from the rest of the house but it still has noise on it to some degree and a good conditioner will put the icing on that dedicated line...
Try a Isotek GII minisub if you have a dealer near you then make a comment on what you think.In this crazy stereo world there is always a 1 in 10 who will not be satisfied and be negative,what works for one doesn't work for another,all gear have a senergy with different products be it wire,pwr cords,IC's and conditioners.. its something that takes alot of testing and trying and experimenting with to get it right within ones own system...
You obviously have had some success and that's great! I had been through the ringer with any and all cables I could demo and or try at home over the years. I do not use MIT power conditioners either...tried them as well and found the sound diminished. Unless you have horrible power it just isn't worth it. As for the IC's and PC's, I have never heard anything better than MIT in any system I have had (my experience agrees with many reviewers..not all). MIT has been advancing the state of the art in cable design since the start of high end and has the patents to prove it! Other cables are just that..cables. Best test, sit your butt in row 5 of the BSO and then go home and compare the music on your rig with and without MIT in the chain. This assumes the equipment and everything else is synergized and matched! This is all MY experience of course.
As others have said, avoid line conditioners for amps. Good dedicated lines with isolated grounding will help quite a bit, along with high quality wall receptacles. Ensure your entire system is at the same ground potential to minimize noise. You can use isolation transformers if desired and if properly sized.
Thanks for all the reply

I have a dedicated power amp line for the hifi, in Norway since we are using 230V it is quite unusal with 20A supplies, but I have a dedicated 16A@230 V supply.

I have been a bit in doubt about conditioner for power amps since I have read that many kills the dynamic.
However, positive feeling with the conditioner on the source, so interesting in experience for power amps,

I use good power cables but due to the amount of power cables it is a bit expencive to test others.


Dedicated line, no power conditioners whatsoever. flash...MIT's AC2 Oracle power cord with Z stabilizer conditioning and power correction factor built in is absolutely freakin mind blowing!!! For amplification only, but on amps and preamps it will completely alter your point of reference on how much a PC can do for your system and I am understating it's effects. In a great system, it will be the difference between stereo and your butt in the 5th row of your favorite hall or will have goosebumps again over reproduced sound in the home...yeah, it's that good!
Are you using the AC2 ORacle from the wall to the Z stabilizer or from the Z to the component and whcih model Z stabilizer are you using?
Thanks. I am intersted in the MIT Power products.
I am using the Oracle AC 2 power cord alone, which has their Z stabilizer circuitry and power correction networks onboard tuned for audio frequencies (50-60hz). This is the only product that has ever made good on what power conditioners are supposed to is so incredible that I can hardly comprehend how a PC could make such a complete and total transformation in the sound of a system. This was the last link of my audio system to be completed. I have owned $80k rigs that couldn't have competed with my humble system currently...the MIT stuff has altered my entire outlook on what is possible with 2 channel audio. By the way, I ordered the PC for a 30 day took me less than 1 day to realize that I had been given a glimpse of the "Holy Audio Grail" be in the presence of music at home and on command:)
Do you have more than one AC2 in your system and what coomponents are you using the new AC2 power cord on?
Just on my krell 400 amplification...the AC 2 is only applicable to amps anyway. I use Oracle ZIII's everywhere else.