bat vk 60 speaker reccomendations

dusting off the bat vk 60 from storage and want to set up again looking at a good speaker choice, used market is fine if can find better bang for buck, music choice is wide from old rock to great jazz
What did you use/like before, how big is your room and how much do you expect to spend?
Mechans has some good questions...when I had my VK60 Audio Physic Virgo 2's or Wilson Watt Puppy 6's/8"s worked great....
room size is 18 x 20, previously I had and still have in a movie room vandersteen 3ce front and 2c rear in a home theater set up with sunfire equipment, I bought the bat with bat 5i pre amp to set up a music only room but a in law emergency situation put the whole project on hold, but I held on to the equipment as really wanted to set up a tube system but never got there and know am moving forward as situation makes it possible
Vandies are nice speakers....

What about Wilson Sophia's? They are fairly easy to drive and place. I'd also say WP's but depends how loud you like to listen..,That BAT amp has a lot of current so it can power a lot of speakers nicely...What's your price range...and new or used?
One of the absolute best systems I ever had was a Cary Audio SLP-98P pre-amp, BAT VK-60 and Usher AC-10 speakers.

They are big and very heavy speakers, but offer huge performance for their cost, especially on the used market.

I have moved on a 3 dozen times over. My need to change gear is pathologic. But that particular system combo was one of the few I could go back to and be happy with forever!

There are, of course, a ton of great speakers for that amp. But my experience with the AC-10 and the VK-60 was very memorable!
I use my 17 year old BAT VK-60 to power my Von Schweikert VR-5 Anniversaries. I don't even use a preamp. Tube amps typically love Von Schweikert speakers. I was contemplating selling the VK-60 (which still has all its original power tubes) until I recently replaced the four original Jensen caps with Dueland CAST copper caps. The Dueland caps transformed the sound of the VK-60 into something wonderful. The sound stage, the clarity, the frequency range, the realism -- all there, bringing out the best of the VS speakers. The VK-60 with the Dueland caps now sounds better to me than my $15K PassLabs monoblocks. If you have a VK-60 and love it, you'll love it even more with Dueland CAST caps. I changed the caps myself and I'm not a technician. I ordered them from HiFiCollective in England.
Im interested to replace the caps as well.
the original Jensen were changed to mundorfs years back because they were leaking. Now there are the mundorf MCap supreme which probably could be bettered substantly.
Did you use the Duneland Cast copper 0.22uF ?
How complicated was it to solder them in? They have a very different form factor.
Did you put them standing on their leads? You see I am not an technician either but not afraid either. Ah yes and they have a determined direction. How does that show? I Appreciate your answer.