BAT VK-60 or ARC VT-100 MK II???

I am looking for feedback on these two tube amps especially concerning their sound characteristics, bass slam, extension, reliability, mid range sweetness/naturalness, etc. There some very good prices for the used amps so I figure I may buy one just to try out in my system.

Thanks for your input and Happy Listening.
What's the rest of your system, especially speakers?

Oops, I see you have posted your system online.
Bidkidz, you actually aren't satisfied with your Pass X250? I know how highly you've praised it in the past. I own VT-100 Mk II with B&W 802 Matrix III. It is a great combination with plenty of power for me. The bass will not be what the X250 gives you, but it is very good for tubes. I wouldn't recommend the VK60. It will not be enough power for your 803's.
I 2nd the no vk 60 recommendation. And I'm a big bat fan. With yoiu being used to a big solid state amp, and those b&w's, not likely a good match. If you can you with 2 vk60's in mono...I bet that will work great. If you want better bass extension and control, a VK75se will give it to you in spades. You might be able to get by with a single matches all the characteristics your asking for....I've owned both.