BAT VK-60 or Another tube amp?

I was looking to get back into tubes and was considering the BAT VK-60 since they are under $2K. What other tube amps with around the same wpc and current in this price range do you recommend?

Thanks and Happy Listening.
Music Reference RM-200, great detail even a low volume and throws a huge sound stage. It's a hybrid amp that has gotten rave reviews. They pop up once and awhile in the low twos, but always sell fast. Good luck!
There are many (CJ and Rogue come to mind), but none have as much current. This is what makes the VK60 somewhat unique. However, it will not have as much current as your Pass 250. Perhaps a monoblock version VK150(?). Also, these amps are huge, heavy and emit lots of heat.
I would go for the Cary v12 or for a bit less money the Cary Rocket 88. A steal these days are the Six Packs from AES (Cary's lower end line). I have heard good things about the Six Packs
The bat is going to sound different than your pass, and maybe that's what you're after. somewhat warmer, richer, very vibrant mids w/ highes and lows a little softer. The 75SE is a much better on the extremes, but doubles the price. Excellent staging and depth for any of the bat amps.

VK60's are pretty easy to sell, you can very likely buy one, try it, and resell it with only loosing the cost of shipping. (which at 70lbs) is 60-$100.

You're cutting your power quite a bit, for the b&w's. Depends on how big the room and how loud you listen if it's ok...I have had a single vk60 driving wp 6's and it was plenty fine.
To add more to my post, I am looking to replace my B&W matrix 803s. I guess I chased the SS amp route instead of getting speakers first since the B&Ws needed a high current SS amp to make them sing. I have been looking at Coincident Totals and Silverline Audio La Folia speakers to drive with a tube amp. I would probably get a VK-60 or other tube amp. With the VK-60, I could get one now and get a second later to bi-amp or turn into monos. That is where I think I am heading at this point. All recommendations and comments are appreciated.
Jfrech did you purchase the VK-60 LITE version, they're weight is 91 lbs. minus any packaging materials!

Bigkids, Jfrech is right the VK is warmer, richer, very vibrant mids w/ highes and lows a little softer, & a great place to start w/o loosing your butt if you don't care for the tube sound. You can however bridge them to 120wpc after you buy a second unit & still get 2 vk-60's for less then the price of ONE VK-75SE!

You could also check out a Manley STINGRAY which is 50wpc, selling around 1300-1400. The build quality is not BAT however, also not as warm.

Good luck!
I would not buy the amp before deciding on which speakers you are going to buy. The Coincident Total Victorys (high efficiency with high impedence) do not need the current/muscle that the VK60 has. These speakers would sound better with a Rogue (run in triode) at half the price. Or you could get the Coincident 300b amps (used) for a little more than the BAT. The Sivlerlines on the other hand would like the the extra power of the BAT.
If you use B&W802N. I confirmed that even the monoblock VK-60 could not handle the speakers. I have changed my monoblocks to BAT VK-500 solid state and it can handle the speakers well.
I am now using Antique Audio Lab Hurricane with 200w monoblocks. They also handle the B&W802N well after they are warmed up for at least 1/2 hours. However, the Hurricanes do not match well with my BAT pre-VK50se. Sitll undecide, which have to go.