BAT VK-60 on WILSON WITT.....????

I'm planning to purchase a BAT VK-60.
My speakers are WILSON WITT and
the preamp is CAT SL1 Ultimate.

BAT has 500 Joules (PS energy storage).
And 28dB Gain...
Are these enough for my speakers ?
What about synergy ?
Any opinion ?
I don't know about the Witt's, but I used to run a single vk 60 with my Watt Puppy 6's. Sounded great. I've since updgraded to a vk75se. The BAT amps are great with Wilson's. Again, a general comment since I haven't heard the WITTs.

The BAT vk 60's are a steal used right now...
I've never heard the WITTs too.Only the Cubs & the Puppies
WITT looks like the little brother of MAXX.

About synergy, BAT with WILSON is an amazing combination !
CAT with WILSON perfect too ! As for BAT with CAT,
I'm not sure.You better try them first and let us know,
it sounds interesting...
Thank you both !
And as Jfrech said:
The BAT amps are really great with Wilson's !
VK-60 is very powerful...
Like a 150 Wrms amp...
It is crystal clear, with excellent control, very fast, transparent with a huge soundstage.
And works fine with my ULTIMATE too !!!