BAT VK-60 Mono Blocks or VK-75 Stereo

I wanted the opinion of BAT amp owners on going with the older VK-60s as mono blocks or a VK-75(SE) stereo amp. The used prices are almot the same.

Thanks and Happy Listening.
The SE version, whether the 60SE or the 75SE is a superior product to the older design. Give Victor or Geoff at BAT a call and ask them about the differences.
I think the advice above is sound. I've owned a vk60 and now have a vk75se. Using Watt/Puppy 6's. I've never felt like I needed more power. However, the 75se is a much better sounding amp. Much superior bass, more top end extension, better dynamics, better stage, you name it.

Since I'm not famiilar w/ your Talon's, which I assume you'll be using, I can't really answer this.

The BAT is not a whimpy 75 watt amp. It's got some serious juice in it...