BAT VK 60 and 14 ohm Coincident Speakers

Hello to all and Seasons Greetings,
I have been the happy owner of a Vk 60 for the last 9 months and am considering a speaker change. I have been using the wonderful Soliloquy 5.3s and am just trying to step things up a few notches with a pair of Coincident Super Eclipses. I am a tube newbie and have a question or two.
Does a tube amp like a 14 ohm speaker more than a 8 ohm speaker even if it doesnt have taps that go up that high?
Do i assume that the highest ohm rated tap on my amp is the one to go with?
Or how about this...Does anyone see why the BATVK60 and the Coincident Super E's wont be a great match?
Thanks to all.

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I think the BAT VK60 and Coincident speakers would be a very nice match. I recently purchased a pair of 14 ohm Coincident Total Eclipse speakers and was very pleased with the results when paired with a BAT VK75SE amp. When experimenting with the output taps, I tried both the middle and high, and actually preferred the middle taps. You really need to just listen and decide for yourself which one sounds best. The bass response was much improved with the 75SE amp driving the Totals vs my previous 4 ohm Dunlavy speakers. Not sure how much of an improvement you would hear, as I am not familiar with your speakers. But the overall sound is quite good - very smooth with lots of spunk.