I just put CUTF V-Caps in, 4 .22 600V.
Well done Slikric , have you done it yourself ? I did replace in my two VK1000 for the TFTF V-cap as at the time
the CUTF was released half a year later .It is worth every $ you have spent .More clarity , more dynamics
I just put Sunoco Premium $3.649/gal in my 2008 Toyota Avalon.
Mang, is't a little over $3 in these hillbilly parts, I'm a flatlander though.
What did you do after that? I'm hoping you're going to tell us you plugged it back in and turned it on and.......
All I can say is wow.
Well worth it @ 537 and I did put them in myself. The boards are real easy to get out. I done this yesterday. Really opened up the top end, dynamics are a little better, the micro dynamics is where it really opened up. Tightened up the bottom end especially in the mid bass. I was skeptical about how much better they would be but I am blown away, like night and day difference right off the bat, not pun ;) Next I will put them in my VK-5 but that will take someone with skill, ganna send it to Music Technology or drop it off if I can get by there.