BAT VK-5i vs VK-30SE vs VK-40

Has anyone owned all these units? Would like to hear the pros and cons of each. I'm building a 2 ch system using Meadowlark blue heron speakers and Monarchy SE160 hybrid mono amps. If you feel another preamp with remote and HT pass-through would work better, please state why.
I own a vk5i. I have been very happy with it. No trouble whatsoever. Absolutely beautiful midrange and treble, solid low end. When playing around with a friend's system, we substituted the bat for his classe. The difference was like being on Kiri Ti Kenawa's performance of Strauss four last songs was wild - it was like she moved from the back of the stage to the front of the stage. I have only compared the vk3i to the vk5i and can tell you that the vk5i was far superior. I cannot comment on the 30se or the 40. The only note of caution is, as with all systems, is that it is how it works with your system that counts. Good luck.

- Scott
Ive owned the 5i and the 50se....The 5i is in my opinion is the best pre..BAT makes....I love it
This may be worthless to you as I haven't tried any you listed, but find the VK-30 very nice!