bat vk-5i, batvk-3i or modwright 36.5

looking to buy a preampl, that must be balanced and produce a warm fuller sound.  These are the three right now that I have narrowed it down to.  The pre will be used and not new. Thanks 
You're fine with either BAT. Just don't get one with the 6h30's.
I have been following the vk3i after hearing a very positive opinion by a person in the industry  who has heard way more preamps than I ever will. It is apparent that his opinion may be shared by others, as all three on A'gon, US Audiomart, and Ebay have been scooped up, while There are still quite a few 5i's left. I'm going to stick with my Transcendent Grounded Grid for awhile longer, I guess, which is a huge bargain as it is...