BAT VK 55SE just released

has anyone listened to this upgrade of BAT VK 55 yet? I have an all BAT system the oldest unit is my VK 200 amp and I was considering a VK 55 since this is the only BAT tube Amp that will fit in my rack. But now I would like to know how these newer VK 55SE units compare?
I can't answer your question directly, but I did used to own a VK 200, then went to a VK 60 for a few years, then a 75se and now 150se's. I have also heard the vk55.

The difference you'll get from BAT's SS amps to the tube amps is a more real, more wet, deeper/wider image in the midrange. Depending on your spreakers, you may loose just a little bottom end extension, however you may like this trade off. The SE version of the tube amps really seem to keep all the great SS extension in the extremes, but also retain the super mids.

Personally, I think you'll love a VK55SE-even though I haven't heard the SE version. The step up from a vk60 to 75SE for me was killer.
Jfrech Thanks for your insights. The dealer that I purchased my Devore Silverbacks from used the BAT VK 75 SE to drive them and they did sound better at his house then at mine. I have considered getting a Bat tube amp an was about to get a used one on Audiogon but now I'am trying to figure if the extra $$ for the SE is justified? If there are any Dealers out who sell Bat gear and can shed any light on the differences between the two please jump in.