BAT VK-53se vs 43se

Anyone heard these side by side? I am wondering if the 43se gives the 53se a run for it's money in bass extension, definition and overall macro dynamics. 
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Have heard them both ... they both are excellent. However, I’d go with the 53se over the 43se because the 43se, being solid state, sounds a bit "dryer" to me than the tube-based 53se. Quite frankly, I would go with a VK-33 or an older VK-3i since they use 6922 tubes which you can roll to modify the sound to your taste. With the 53se, you’re stuck with the 6H30 supertube which, IMO, sounds a bit thin.
what tubes do you recommend trying out rlb61? I've got that VK-3ix they produced years ago and never tried tube swapping.