Bat VK-51se vs. Atma-sphere MP-1 Mk II

Which of these do you think is a better and more reliable preamp? (Bat VK-51se vs. Atma-sphere Mp-1 mkII) Owners of Bats and Atmas, please let me know your thoughts on this. Thanks.
I've had my BAT preamp for almost 4 years now and have never experienced a single glitch. I probably average about 4 hours of listening, everyday, and have yet to even replace any tubes.

As for sound quality, I thought it was a huge step up from my SF-1 Sig., and also bettered the AI M3A I auditoned on the same day, using the same gear (SF Power 2 and BAT CD player (D5-K or whatever the model designation is) feeding Meadowlark Shearwaters and VS VR-4). The AI unit was much warmer and offered that classic tube sound. The BAT was much better extended at the frequency extremes and had that boogie factor AI was completely missing. Both units were very musical so I guess this is where personal taste comes in.

As for Atma-Sphere, can't comment because I only heard it once and I was auditioning speakers so didn't pay as much attention to electronics.
Second BAT. I bought my VK-50SE in 2000, listen to it about 40 hours a week (it is on whenever I am home), completely trouble free, still original tubes.
Another vote for BAT - I have a VK-50SE - same type of experience regarding reliability - and - compares to the best pre-amps in the world sonically. And they say the VK-51SE is better still!!
I can only say good things about BAT. I have owned my VK50SE for just over two years without any trouble at all. Sonically it was a huge step up from my Krell pre and the guys at BAT will talk to you any time--great customer service. I am going to upgrade my unit to a 51SE as soon as I find a week when I won't be home--I hate to part with it!
From my experience, I would have to recommend the BAT for most amplifiers. The Atma-sphere's impedance is a bit problematic for quite a few amps. Both are very reliabe, and very different sounding. The Atma-sphere does not have a remote, the BAT does.
Hello Marc, I'm afraid my post will just mirror the others. BAT has what I find to be the best customer support in the business. I just wanted to add that for those who already own the 50se and are thinking about the upgrade to the 51se ....."Go For It"....It is a huge step up sonically. It was the best $1,300.00 I've spent on audio. Enjoy! Tom

I know that you ask about the 51SE vs the MP1, but a year ago I was looking to spend much less so I compared the 31SE vs MP3 to my ARC LS5 III. This was at a Minneapolis BAT dealer; I had borrowed the MP3 from another dealer for this shootout. To make a long story short, I was so very disappointed with the MP3. The Atmasphere amps get the highest praise over and over which made me have this bias that the MP3 would be the clear winner. It was entirely the opposite. If you're interested in the details, search through the archives for my comments on the 31SE ... which I ultimately purchased.

The BAT products are so well made, solid battleship construction, incredible power supply, etc. The MP3 was simply none of these. I still would like to hear the MP1 and I will go back to the BAT dealer to hear the 51SE. But for now, I am very pleased with the 31SE.

Just a few thoughts. You don't mention if you need a phono section. I mention this because the atmasphere comes with one and 51se does not.
Regarding reliabilty I can't comment on bat but I have owned an atmasphere amp and preamp for some time and reliability is excellent. Should there be a problem factory support is world class.
I currently use an MP3 mostly with vinyl and will only say that it is capable of exceptional sound.
As always, the best option is to audition the products and decide for yourself.
at present i have decided to not go with the bat or the atmasphere...
I am in suspense - what direction did you go?
But nobody has owned/compared the BAT VK-51SE with the MP-1(line-stage)with an Atma-Sphere amp?