BAT VK-500 vs. SIM W-5

Can anybody comment on these two amps? I will be using it with a BAT VK-30 pre and Aerial 7B speakers. Also, does anyone who discounts BAT products? Thanks.
I can only comment on the W-5 - its a superb amp. It is powerful, clean and warm sounding. Although it was hooked up to a P-5 preamp (SS) it had a very lush sound to it in comparison to my 4BST. Was it worth twice the price - not to my level of disposable income but it is a great amp!Unfortunately, I have not heard the BAT amp...
I have not heard the W-5, but the BAT is one of the sweetest sounding SS amps I have ever heard. Extremely capable power-wise, smooth, and articulate. An obvious match with the VK-30. The only discounts you are going to get are from authorized dealers who knock off some money. I have seen multiple 500's on theis site used w/ BAT pack for pretty cheap...check it out if you are into used gear. A good used peice generally because it is built like a tank. Hope this helps!
I own the moon w-5 and very much pleased with it Its a very well built amp and runs warm not hot The company sims are super people to work with also I own the p-5 preamp and the eclipse cd player which Im sold on Look them up on their website
I believe the Moon W5 is considerably superior to the BAT. More transparent, more bass control. Just plain better amp. The BAT sounds colored in the mid-range to my ear. The Moon may not be the amp for very damped speakers such as Paradigms. The Marsh A400S costs half and is better than both, in every category.