Bat VK-500 vs Classe ca-301

Has anyone one heard both of these in similar system config, will the classe stand up to the bat in over all sound quality any suggestions please as i am wanting to purchase one of these same price range.
IMHO,these amplifiers' toanal balances are on different ends of the spectrum.Both being slightly tilted:Classe up,Bat,down.Classe has always sounded SS-like.The Bat:warmer/fuller.YMMV.
I do like the sound of a warmer unit such as tubes but the low end as well, so i guess the bat would be the better choice.

There are a number of other contenders in this price range:Pass Aleph series/X-150.5/250.5,Gamut D200 series or possibly a Symphonic Line RG series unit.Read a few reviews and see if one of the others may spark your curiousity.
What is the rest of the system?
The Symphonic RG-4 may meet your preferences.It is warm and full-bodied,yet dynamic and punchy.The SL are one of my favorite SS amps.