BAT VK-500 VS Classe CA-301

Help, I need help choosing between these two amps to drive BW nautilus speaker. Any info will be greatly appreciate.
Please tell what are the strength and fault of each amp I have listened to Classe CA-201 but not the 301 not familiar at all with BAT amp but heard great review for it.
Both are very high quality SS amps. I believe that the Classe will sound a more of a tube-like sound than the BAT, but both amps have their +/-. I currently have a CA-301 posted for sale, yet I'm not sure that I really want to sell it. Unlike the CA-300, the CA-301 incorporated many of the circuitry of the Omega series. Having owned both the 300 & 301, I can say that there is a big difference between them (with the 301 providing huge improvements for Classe). I have heard a VK-500 in a friends system and really liked it. However to me, the VK-500 sounds very dark and more analytical compared to the CA-301. But the VK-500 I believe provided every bit on the bottom as the Classe. Nevertheless, both amps sound wonderful and you are choosing between 2 great amps. I would think your other components (matching) & cost would ultimately be your deciding factors. Good luck with your decision!
Just to add my 2 cents. I have owned a VK500 for a year and a half now. I drive it direct with a Theta Miles CDP. It made a huge improvement over my previous SS amp (Forte 100c.) Great bass extension. Very clean midrange and great detail. I drive Vandersteen's (at risk of being warm and mellow speakers) and I certainly don't find it "dark". It's a very well designed amp that is built like a tank. BAT seems to understand just how these MOSFETS like to be juiced and the result is pure music. It performs well at low volumes and "concert" levels.

It does throw of a fair amount of heat so a well ventilated room is a plus. On the used market these amps are a steal under $2500. Wish I could be more helpful with a comparison to Classe but I just haven't listened to enough of their amps.
I would listen to Pass and Plinius as well.

Scubadaddy123, between bat and classe which one is more on the warm side? thanks for your info.