BAT VK 500?

what do you think about this amp?
is this amp in same level of performense vs the pass x...
or plinius or.....
I picked up a used VK500 here on Audiogon about a month ago, it is a terrific amplifier, quite a beast. Smooth, with plenty of authority and the reliability of transistors. My point of reference is a Classe DR8, also a very good amplifier, but with my BAT VK30 preamp and Martin Logan Quests, the VK500 sings! ATB, Jeff
Eddy, I think you can't go wrong with the BAT VK-500. I had a VK500 driving a pair of Dyanudio Confidence 5s. It made those speakers sing and had plenty of bass. That is saying a lot considering how power hungry the Dynaudios are. I was using it with a VK-5i preamp which had great synergy. The midrange on that system was FANTASTIC.

I just did an entire system overhaul for non-audio reasons and sold the speakers, VK500 and have the 5i for sale. I went with more efficient Talon Khoruses and upgraded to the BAT VK-50SE pre, and VK-75SE amp. I think the fact that I stuck with BAT electronics is a testament as to how good they are and what a value.

Also, because of a glut of VK500s on the market, you can STEAL them for about $2800. IMHO, the VK500 is THE best solid state amp you will get for that price.
The VK 500 is a great amp
and a terrific value
This amp is awesome!!! I used it for a while.Much more musical than the Plinius. I dont know the Pass gear is pretty awesome. I sold my BAT and went with Levinson. Everyone is diffrent. Good luck
Hi Lev335,

What things did the ML 335 do better than the BAT that made you switch? Does the 335 sound cool/less warm than the BAT? I haven't decided yet myself. BTW how does the Jeff Rowland Model 10 compare if you have demoed before you got your 335. Thanks!
I have had a VK-500 for about 2 months now. It replaced a great sounding but leaner PS Audio 100c. I use it on Vandersteen 2CE sigs for Jazz and Rock. I have been very impressed by the improvement in almost every aspect of my system. The most obvious being the bass extension and control. Soundstage is stable and large. Well recorded drums sound real! Worth every penny.

The Plinius and the Pass labs amps have similar design philosophies. But I have not heard them in my system to compare.
The bat didnt sound as open and airy as the levinson did. And I love mids. And the levinson also has a deeper soundstage which I really liked. The BAT was really good though. good luck I NEVER TRIED ROWLAND
ayre v1x
My speakers are Martin logan aerius i. I had a bryton 3bst, I sold it after lissening to the bat vk200. I also auditioned the plinius, ar, mccormack, meridan, audiomat, signature and many others. I completely crushed all of the above in every area. And had excellent surenergy with the bat 3i pre. Never had the opportunity to listen to M Lev gear, or pass. I now own a vk200, bass response is excellent and so are mids and highs.
Good luck
I picked up a VK200 on the used market and prefer it to my Rowland Model 3 monos driving my current speakers - Martin Logan SL3s. The Rowlands (which I bought new twelve years ago) have a great mellow, very dimensional sound on stats which is good but the BAT solid state stuff is just AWESOME on electrostats. Anybody with stats really should try the BAT stuff. I haven't listened to the BAT tube amps but the VK 200 is so good in my system I'm considering shopping around for one of their preamps.
BAT makes great tube gear. I think that their solid state is lacking. In the price range that you are looking I would check out the Audio Research 100.2 which is also solid state. It has replaced my Ayre V3 and I haven't looked back since. Gary