BAT VK-3iX or ModWright SWL 9.0SE?

I am going to replace my integrated amp (Musical Fidelity A3.2) by first buying a pre-amp (which will be used with the power amp section of the A3.2), then later a power amp (at which point the A3.2 will go byebye). I am soliciting your opinions on which of the above pre-amps is "better" (and I mean that in the loosest possible sense of the word).
My associated components are a Musical Fidelity A3.2 CD player and Gallo Reference 3 speakers. I am not interested in the Six-Pak, Super-Pak or Special Editions of the VK-3iX. I like that the BAT pre-amp has balanced & RCA inputs and outputs. I would not get the optional BAT remote, so the BAT would be just a couple of hundred dollars more than the ModWright. How do these two fine products compare? Thanks for any helpful information.

I own the 3iX in its standard configuration, and have had a chance to hear the ModWright. I was considering both of these products at one time and was torn, but I got a great price on the BAT and have not looked back.

First, if your looking for the really warm and "tubey" sound look elsewhere as both of these pre-amps strive for neutral sonic signatures. Each has a low noise floor able to retrieve all the details like the good SS stuff but offer just a hint of tube magic that you may prefer.

The BAT does give you the option of upgrades and internal phono stage IF you feel the need. I think ModWright may be working on some upgrades and a stand alone phono stage. The BAT gets the nod for inputs, flexibility and upgrade path.

Having also owned MF gear in the past I think you will find either of these pre-amps a significant sonic upgrade. For newer tubed pre-amps I think you are looking at two of the best in this price range.
haven't heard the modwrignt, but I loves me 3i.