BAT VK-33 vs Atmasphere MP-3

Trying to decide between these two preamps. Your thoughts on these are welcome. Thanks.
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I haven't heard the BAT, but own the Atma MP-3.
I love my preamp and hope to get a MP-1 someday.
And, if you get the MP-3 serviced/upgraded, you get a 3 year warranty automatically. Plus, Ralph Karsten is one of the nicest and technically astute people you could ever know. Whenever I had a problem, he walked me through it until I found the problem- and excepting a bad tube, it was usually a loose connection and not the equipment.
I’ve heard both side by side in the same system. Atma-sphere is way ahead of the BAT.  Besides Ralph’s customer service is among  the best in the industry. 
I own an MP-3 (and want an MP-1), wonderful amp. Like others said Ralph Karsten would be one of the smartest guys in this audio industry and his customer service (all Atmasphere employees) it is very good.