BAT VK-32SE- any information?

I've heard from my dealer that BAT is coming out with a new preamp, the VK-32SE. MSRP is going to be around $8K.
There is no information on the BAT website about this preamp, but I found this at the Music Direct site.

Has anyone had an opportunity to give this a listen yet?
Do you have anymore information on it?

I saw it in the Music direct catalog too. My dealer also says a new "high end" preamp is coming out soon. Priced at 15k or 20k or 25K depending on options. No more details other than this.

I guess BAT will be busy at CES this Jan...
Given the trend of BAT, the 51SE is due for an upgrade (52SE?). BAT has always provided an upgrade path for its products (Thank you, BAT). Those figures, if accurate, suggest a pricey upgrade path from the 51SE or perhaps a jump up to a totally new product with a topology not upgradeable from the 51SE (a la the ARC REF 3). Hopefully not. I imagine it will have circuit board options similar to those of the new 32SE. We shall see.
Well I guess BAT is due. The 31/51SE's came out in 2002, that's almost 5 years ago! Some manufacturers will change their line 3 times in 5 years.
Hello fellow BAT fans. Here is a link to some more information from the man himself Victor Khomenko.

Can't wait to hear it!

All the best,
My dealer just told me that BAT has a new top 'o the heap preamp in the pipeline. MSRP is $18K.....yikes!!
He said it has an outboard fully tubed power supply.

He also told me that he has a VK-32SE on order, and expects it in within a couple of weeks. Maybe I can wiggle a demo out of him. ;^)

The word is out. There is going to be two pre-amp steps above the current top of the line 51se. The 52se and the 52se REX. Here is what Victor had to say about it.

Well, as the cat is already partially out of the bag (we will probably ship the first ones this month), I think I can mention the base VK-52SE and its top of the line two-chassis REX version. The Rex has vacuum tube rectification, new custom oil caps on both the positive and negative rails of its symmetrical power supply, and comes with the same multiple choice current source option as the 32SE, as well as tube based AC shunt voltage regulators.

I bet the new REX will set the bar. Will see......

Tom - Can the upgrade from the 51SE be done in two steps - first to the 52SE, then later to the all-supreme REX Tremendae?
Hi Rgurney,

Yes, it can be done in steps.
WRONG Trcnetmsncom.
VK himself states today in the Asylum that the 51SE and 31SE are the ends of their lines. There is NO upgrade path from the 31SE to the 32SE nor from the 51SE to the 52SE and above because of markedly different circuit boards. Bummer. Those looking for a 31SE or 51SE should see a few for sale at good prices on 'gon soon. The bar has indeed been raised.
Hello Rgruney,

Sorry, I should have made it clearer in my post. There are two performance steps above the 51se. The 52se and the 52se/REX. The 52se to the 52se/REX can be done in steps. You can buy the new 52se and when your funds allow upgrade to the 52se/REX. Hope this helps.

Hi John,

September 2008, I replaced my Krell KRC-3 with a BAT VK-32SE preamp.

To hear the difference in my system, I played a track of 70's big band with Hammond B3 played with the Krell, then swapped out the pre
for the BAT.

The sonic detail and bass information that the BAT brought out was phenomenal!

A fellow audiophile say the system improved at least 20% with change to the BAT.

I am not sure if you were able to make move on one these, but I think it good sonic investment if you listen to music critically and for general pleasure.

Only thing I miss from the Krell is that BAT takes solid 60 seconds to warm up music from standby mode.

Here's a pic of the current system...


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Hi Dave,

I'm glad you are enjoying the BAT VK-32SE. Since this thread started a few years ago, I did have an opportunity to have an in home demo of the BAT VK-32SE, I was not very impressed. I preffered the VK-51SE to the VK-32SE. However, I wound up buying a ARC Ref 3 which I preffered over both BAT's. I owned a Krell KRC-HR, and I'd have to agree the BAT is superior to the Krell.

All of that is history now. Due to the economy, I've since downsized my rig, and I'm now using a VAC Avatar Super integrated amp.