BAT vk-31se or Mcintosh c2200

The more I listen to my anolog rig with a BAT vk-p5 w/ BAT`s six pack upgrade make`s me want to upgrade my SS pre with a tube pre. I have narrowed it down to those 2 since I have both BAT and Mcintosh in my system. I do know both pre`s have a good reveiw`s. The rest of my system BAT vk-p5 / Mcintosh c42/ Mcintosh mc352 / JM Lab Mezzo`s.
So which way would you go pro`s or con`s ( I am slightly if favor of the BAT. What do you think? David
With a McIntosh amp, I would go with a McIntosh preamp. The C2200 is simply awesome in every way. I have only compared it to the BAT VK40 and the C2200 was much smoother with the same detail present. However I agree this isn't a fair comparison since the VK40 is SS.
the BAT is truly balanced, which the Mac isn't, if this is a factor.

i have the 31SE, and it is better than the 50SE i auditioned in my room the month before.
I have both McIntosh C2200 and the BAT VK-31SE in my system for a few days. My power amp is also the McIntosh MC352. I like the C2200 better. It does everything right from top to bottom. The VK-31SE has a slighty nicer mid but its bass has less definition than the C2200 and its high is a little roll off compares to the C2200. I have heard the BAT VK-31SE with a BAT solid state power amp and it sounded great without the negative that I mentioned. I don't think the BAT pre matches well with the McIntosh power amp. McIntosh amp has an much lower input impedance than the BAT SS amps!