BAT VK 31 SE vs BAT VK 32 or BAT VK 32 SE

just wanted to get an idea as to how they sound?
Which are the differences in the sound reproduction ?
Paired with BAT VK 6200.
I own BAT VK 6200, B&W 802 Nautilus , Marantz SA 11.

Any advice is appreciated.
I've had the VK-31SE and VK-32SE in my system, I haven't heard the VK-32. In my system, which tends to lean towards the warm, polite sound, I preffered the VK-31SE. I felt the VK-31SE sounded more powerful and dynamic, while the VK-32SE offered more sweetness and midrange bloom. Since my system already had an abundance of sweetness and midrange bloom, the VK-31SE's power and dynamics balanced better for me. YMMV.