BAT VK-30SE Owners Power Cable of Choice

I own the BAT VK-30SE preamp and I am looking to hear from owners of the same preamp on what power AC cable they are using and if they have done any comparisions of power cables with the BAT. I have dedicated AC lines and I am currrently using the JPS Labs power AC cable.


I have a 50se. I like the FIM gold, and the Kimber Pallaidian 10...
I use an Ensemble Megaflux power cord on my 30SE and on all my other components too. Great power conditioning products! I also bought an Ensemble Isolink to plug my 30SE into, then the Isolink goes to an Ensemble power strip thing, then the power strip goes to the dedicated outlet. Each addition was an improvement. But I started with just the power cord.
I have a VK-5i and VK-60 and use Cardas Golden Reference.