BAT VK-300x SE or 6922 version for smoothness?

I listened today a vk300x/se integrated with dynaudio confidence c1 speakers, and it sounded a bit harsh.

I really liked rhytmic drive and energy of the sound, but it was irritating to my ears. Now i own a vk-200 and it was quite smooth with burmester preamplifier (speaker were audio physic virgo 3) so im a little confused here...

Was it a speaker & amplifier mishmatch or is a vk300x/se version actually too dry sounding?

Has anyone compared SE version to 6922 tuberolled/original version?

Maybe i am just spoiled for the smooth sound because i owned once a threshold t-200/sphinx combo which was liquid smooth magic to my ears and now i will have to come up with something as good.(i sold it once in a fit of madness, stupid as i am..)

Help me, im totally frustrated...
How old is that VK300xSE? Those 6H30 tubes take a very long time to break in. When they are new, they sound like bad solid state.
I didn't ask... Granted ,the tubes were changed to new ones before the owner bought amplifier. I have to look up on this one.

How long is the break in?
Break in on the bat stuff can be 300-500 hours. It makes a dramatic change.

I used to own a VK 200 and Audio Physic Virgo II's. That was a sweet combo. I'm guessing a possibility is your VK 200 and Berm pre just might be a better combo.

Also the source is a key ingredient here that isn't mentioned. Plus setup and cables. You maybe hearing system/setup/room differences as much as pre and amp differences...
I took my Bryston multichannel system with 5.1 Sonus faber Grand piano,solo,concerto sorrounds speakers and a good 1000 watt Boston Acoustic sub on a upgrade mission. Speakers or preamp first? Having a Metronome cd player that I added a pair of gold pin Telefunken tubes that some say can last about 40-50 years,and produce midrange glory ,but still was a little thin for my taste with grany high highs. The mission is all about balance so I went with the preamp. After adding plasma ,HD dvd play I discovered something , the Concierto power cord I bought for my dvd player, one word "fantastic". After that I added the Billy Bags 5506 six sheilf audio stand with a Bat 31se super tube six pack preamp,and added some Concierto violin interconnects on the cd and preamp and a violin power cord on the preamp. Once this setup is burned in I'm hopping for music that's liquid,warm,with inhanced midrange,much better detailed bass,air and dynamic drive. For me the baby grand Concierto power cord took the video section to the highest level I've had. Total satisfaction from the video section that motivated the stereo upgrades. The idea was to get a great cd player with best 6922 tubes,with a great preamp,and some of the best dynamic tubes to hopfully to produce great music from cd to cd representing a well balanced multichannel/2 channel stereo system.