BAT VK-300x Reviews?

Someone suggested to me this integrated in another thread. My interest is piqued, though I have never thought much of integrateds unless one was on a tight money/space budget or for a second system. Anyone run one of these through the paces? I am concerned regarding the "modular" approach where you can add-on super tubes stage, phono stage, remote, etc. Love to hear practical input regarding this piece.
Abosolute sound reviews it in the oct/nov issue.
I like its looks and features and would love to hear it myself. I bet is excellent is if is like the vk20 + vk200. I started a thread with the same question as you a few weeks back but got no answers. It is very new so let's hope someone has had a chance to hear it by now.
I listened to a full blown integrated at the 2002CES. It sounded amazing with a pair of small System Audio speakers. I was not familiar with these speakers and it was at a show. Normally speakers can be made to sound better at a familiar setting than at a show. My $0.02 worth, hope it helps.