BAT VK-300X "supertube" integrated

I'm thinking about potentially upgrading my dedicated 2 channel rig. I primarily listen to jazz with some R&B and my listening room is fairly small (13' x 13' X 8'). My current system is detailed below:

Sony 7700 transport
Scott Nixon Tubedac
Musical Fidelity A300 integrated
Magnepan MG12 (modified w/Alphacore inductor and Solen caps)
Meadowlark Kestrel 2s

I've seen a lot of good reviews for the BAT "supertube" integrated and imagine it would improve my current system. I noticed there are currenlty 4 of these in the classifieds and am curious why so many are being sold (I believe this is a relatively new product). Does anyone have any experience with this integrated or recommendations for others which will improve my system? Thanks for your time and assistance.

I'm sure the BAT will be a monsterous upgrade. Hard to say the reason 4 are for sale. The fact that it's gotten a lot of great reviews cause some folks to just run out and buy one. Others, my like the BAT sound and maybe are going for the higher priced separates. The int amp has been out for over a year now, I bet some are fishing to see if they can get top dollar since the reviews are good.

Get one with a phono stage built in (should add only 2-$300) and buy a turntable down the road.
Would you be willing to consider Pathos Logos? There's one for sale at $2650 (condition 9/10) which is a steal. I have no relation to this person.
I currently own a Pathos Logos and get surprised everyday by how musical it is. It has great PRAT and delivers incredibly controlled bass. It has 2 XLR inputs also and is dead quiet.
My dealer who happens to sell both the BAT and Pathos says he actually prefers the Pathos.
Of course, BAT will have better resale value. Personally, I don't care much about resale value if my ears are happy and satisfied. ;^)
IMHO, Pathos has the better aesthetics.