BAT VK-300x for Von Schweikert VR4-JRs?

Wondering if this is a good match, or if others have experience with BAT products driving VSA speakers. I'm scaling my system down and of course I have no local BAT dealer (only 4-5 of them in Canada). I heard the 4JRs with BAT equipment at the Montreal show and was impressed. Just seeking some more opinions on the matter. Thanks.
I run the 300Xse with the 4jrs, and I'm very pleased with the results. The tonality of the BAT is of extremely high quality. You will get an extremely versatile system, that can play acoustic to techno-sound very convincingly.
I would also reccomend Speltz Anti Cables with this setup.

I run the 300x with my VR-4 Gen III HSEs, and they do a really nice job. Great detail from the 6H30 tubes, and a nice warm, inviting sound. IMHO a great match for the Jrs.
I was also quite impressed with the sound from the BAT and Von S combination at the Montreal show. I went late on Sunday afternoon and the room was empty so had a good chance to listen.
Chucki,I agree with you, I was surprise also, when
the guy brought the BAT500 with BAK PAK in my house,
I end up buying it.The tonality is really good, its
so natural.Also my Speltz cable is on the way, they
are that good.
Next question: How hot (or not) does it run?
Not very hot. I have mine enclosed on top, but open in the back (see my system photo). I've never had a problem with system heat. My old 300 SEI would provide some fairly serious heat, that I would not have been comfortable enclosing.
How is the bass on the BAT? I'm coming from solid state though I did have a VK-3i for a bit with a Bryston 4BBST then a Krell KAV2250 and thought it was a good unit...a little rolled off in the treble, but good bass and midrange.