BAT VK-300x

I'm interested in this amp, which seems to enjoy the reputation of a top-of-the-line integrated, but I don't have a place to audition one nearby. There are a couple of reviews, but they weren't terribly in depth as far as I'm concerned and discussion on this forum seems a bit sparse and inconclusive, especially compared to talk about some of its rivals, like the McIntosh MA2275 or 6900. I'm wondering whether somebody might be willing to wax poetic on the sound of these BAT integrateds - the differences in sound between the solid-state, 6922 and SE versions? A comparison with Mcintosh solid-state and/or tubes would be helpful, for example, as I'm familiar with those. Also familiar with Ayre, Naim, Audio Research, Linn, SETs... looking for an idea of where the BAT integrateds fit in soundwise.
Thanks in advance!
Also interested in comparisons versus the Luxman solid-states - the 505, 550, 509, etc..
... and especially interested in comparisons to Blue Circle integrateds... ideally, I'm looking to hit a mix of non-fatiguing yet lush detail, a weighty, ballsy sound, with a hint of organic, tubey warmth that, at the end of the day, achieves neutrality, the sound of a live performance... I need something versatile that nails everything from the Takacs Quartet to Oscar Peterson to Led Zeppelin. I'm figuring this should be a cinch, right?
Remember,your other equipment has everything to do with the sound also, everything must work together.A list of your other equipment will be helpful.Reccomendations are a start but only you know what sounds good to you.
Thanks - I had meant to mention that I'm basically starting over completely with my system, and the current idea is to go with a pair of Ohm 1000 speakers - I'm slightly concerned that the 300x or 6922 might be a little dark for Ohms, for example. Haven't decided on a DAC for my MacBook yet, although my ideal might be something akin to an Audio Note 2.1x.
So are my questions still just too vague or poorly phrased, or have the BAT Vk-300x models failed to inspire a legion of fans who delight in describing their sound versus each other and the competition?

Again, I'm fully aware that only I know what sounds good to me, just trying to figure out if it's worth taking a trip out of town to audition one of these...
Always worth a trip to hear new stuff if you are able.IMHO.
Coverto - I have listened to the BAT VK-300x before, and it sounded good. But, for that kind of price I believe you can do better. The Luxman L505u, even though it's an SS amp, sounds better than BAT VK-300x for $3,700. If you want the ultimate amp, get the Luxman L509u. All Luxman int amps put out sound that is tube-velvet, with lush detail. However, this unit costs $10k in the USA for the 120-volts model, and a little over $7,000 in Japan for the 100-volts model. The choice is yours.
fantastic integrated---perhaps best in class, even today. i have heard both BAT and Blue Circle---i would say the BAT has more "gusto" and a slightly more liquid midrange. however, i have not heard the Ffth, only the NSCS.
Hey Renjy - thanks for the response - I have indeed heard the Luxman L509u and agree it sounds fantastic - unfortunately, with its price tag, the choice is not mine! I was not as impressed by the 505, although I did like it. If you're saying it sounds better than the BAT at that price, that's great to know.

Thanks Keith - again, very helpful - which BAT did you hear? One of the tubed versions, I'm guessing?
Hi Coverto,

Was the 505u you heard played in enough before you heard it? I own one myself, and after 200 hours of playing it sounded superb to me. I have not heard the 509u though, but I can compare with a accuphase 408. Especially the bass control is the best I ever heard.
300XSE is the one i have owned.
Pauly - my apologies for the sluggish response. The 505u I heard was a demo that I understand was well broken in, and it was indeed a great sounding amp. But there was no doubt that the 550 and the 509 were superior, with the 509 being one of the best integrateds I've heard.

Keith - from what I've read, it seems that the more recent Blue Circle integrateds are quite a few steps ahead of the NSCS, so that still leaves me wondering, but still it's great info to have - thanks.