BAT VK-3000SE owners, what else is in your chain?

Ever since a BAT VK-3000SE fell into my possession, I've been loving to this gem of an integrated amp. I've had pretty good luck with what I've paired it with (see below), but am interested to read what other BAT owners have in their chain that's created an amazing synergy. What say you?

Turntable: Technics SL-1210M5G with AudioMods Series Five arm and Lyra Delos cart
Phono Pre: Avid Pulsus
Integrated Amp: Balanced Audio Technology VK-3000SE
Subs: Rythmik L12
Speakers: Prana Fidelity Bhava

The next step was to maybe audition different (bigger) speakers, has anyone tried Tekton Double Impacts?

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I wish the BAT REX DAC wasn’t so outrageously priced, otherwise I'd consider auditioning it. I'm sure it has great synergy with the VK-3000SE.

I have owned my BAT for 12 months now and enjoy the functionality, sound and one box convenience.  Previous IA was a Hegel H200 and before that, Pass Labs and VAC separates.

TT1:  SOTA Star Series III, SME V and Benz Ebony L or ZYX Airy 3x feeding
a diy SUT w/Jensen AT347 trannies 24:1 loaded at 6.6ohm into phono MM input.TT2:  SOTA Star Series III, JVC UA 7045 and Benz Glider L feeding phono MC inputPhono Pre:  Zesto Andros 1.2, this phono pre is addicative (which uses Jensen AT 44 trannies)
IA-  BAT VK3000 SEDAC- Wyred4sound DSDDAC2 V2 w/Femto clock and USB reclockerEndpoint is a Intel NUC with passive cooling and diy Liner Power supply, music on NASSpeakers- Sonus Faber Cremona original floorstandersCables- Mainly KimberPower conditioning- APC and Furman

At the time, the other integrateds I was looking at included the Pass Labs INT 150, Coda CSiB, Boulder 865 and the BAT VK300i.  I have heard the all but the Coda and any of them would have been fine.  I don't buy new anymore so it's all about the waiting game.  Music Direct was selling a demo VK3000SE, noticed it when on jury duty, that was about $1000-15000 more that I wanted to spend but I ended up buying it w/o an audition which stunned my wife who has logged many an hour auditioning equipment and whose ears and opinion I respect.  Noticeably better than the Hegel.  The best news about the amp is that it works, the sound is excellent, it matches well with the speakers and I don't even think/worry about that part of the setup.
BAT 3000-SE +
Streamer / DAC: Aurender A10
Sub: REL T-1
Speakers: Raidho D-1

Love the BAT.  Enough power, sweet sound.  Solid build, great remote.  Also a lot of steps in the attenuation.  A quality that is sometimes overlooked, I think.
I know this is an old thread, but I have a question for hornps4.  Are you using the speaker level connection from your BAT to your REL?  I own a BAT vk300xSE and have my eyes on a REL T/9i sub but I am unsure about using speaker level inputs.