BAT VK-300 vs Gryphon Diablo?

How do these 2 integrated compare sound wise? I'm planning to upgrade from my McIntosh 6900 and want to try another brand this time for my Sonus Faber Grand Pianos.
Two very different amplifiers Antonkk. The BAT offers a blessful mid range and would be a good choice / consideration if you enjoy some warmth in the precedings. The Diablo however IMHO completely outclasses the BAT in virtually every area, but most notably bass control and out right visceral dynamics.
Kiwi, but do I understand correctly that Gryphon can be a bit bright?
No, actually the Gryphon is neutral and if anything slightly on the dark side.
Well, I auditioned Gryphon and didn't like it with my Sonus Fabers. Of course they are a class below Diablo and probably it only reveals their limitations but overall the music sounded much more organic and, well... musical with 6900 than with Diablo. Sure Gryphon was more detailed and transparent than Mac but I didn't like the sound at all. Suprisingly it didn't rock - the sound was quick and speedy but it had no balls. It sounded thin and smallish. My big surprise as I expected Gryphon to excell in this areas.