BAT VK 300 SE Integrated as a Preamp?


Kind of a different question here... anybody have experience with how the BAT supertube integrated performs as a preamp? I'm thinking about adding a VK55 SE amp for the winter months and using the bypass feature on the integrated to enable it perform as a preamp. Solid state integrated in the summer months, and a pre/tube amp combo in the winter! I'm thinking that the VK 300 SE as a premap must be at least as good as BAT's entry level preamps. So what say you?

i am using vk 300x (no SE) and have auditioned vk3xi + vk55 at home. was lucky to be able to swap the pre amp - mating both 3xi and 300x with VK55.

ruled out using 300x as preamp after comparing. 3xi was more airy and holographic somehow .... :)

also called Victor and he said tats really not a step up and ..... and its better using a dedicated preamp if at all.
Thanks Art80342 and I'm not surprised by your experience. I would expect a dedicated pre to outperform the VK300 as a pre. I guess for me the questions is how much of a difference are we talking about? If the VK300's preamp performance is 85% to 90% of the Vk3xi then having the flexibility may be a worthwile tradeoff for me. Thoughts?
hi there cbd...the vk300;s preamp performance for me is less than 50% that of the actually sound like a little mis match with the vk55. i hv not mated it with other power .... can't comment.

the vk300x with vk55 sounds funny ... can't put a thumb to it ...but its funny
Thanks. Anyone else have experience using the bypass function on the BAT integrated?
I was thinking the same thing: using the pre-out of my 300 SE. I tried this with a BAT VK 220 w/BAT PACK. Although the 300 SE touts a 150 wpc with the BAT PACK and the 220 has 125 wpc with BAT PACK, the 220 was noticeably less powerful; the 25 wpc difference sounded more like a 50 wpc difference and lacked not only power but also a little of the spice and tube pizzazz of the 300 SE. I didnt realize how good the 300 SE was until I made this comparison. And not only is the 300 SE an integrated amp, but it is not even dual mono. I attribute the robust dynamics of the 300X SE to modern technological wizardry. That said, it seems to be a stand-alone animal, not designed to use the pre-out as a step up, but rather, simply versatility.