BAT VK-30 vs. VK-5i

Both of these pre-amps are available in the used range for the same money. How does their sound compare? Currently I do not have a pre-amp in my system, I plan on staying with BAT amps for some time. My Benchmark has balanced outputs so I have no real need for RCA inputs. I listen to Rock music exclusively & would like a remote control.
The 5i is a warmer, more musical sounding preamp then the 30. The 30 is slightly clearer sounding and slightly more dynamic.

Happy Listening.
So maybe the 30 with my VK60 then?
I have never heard the 5i, but owned a VK-30 and 3i. Of the two I would give the nod to the 3i. I could not warm up at all to the VK-30. I won it on a contest at the Audio Revolution website and foolishly sold my 3i before it arrived. I only kept it a couple of months before moving it on. There was an upper midrange glare that rode along with the music that was very irritating, no matter what tubes I rolled in it. YMMV.