BAT VK-30 or BAT VK-30se

I am looking to get a new preamp in the near future, I am petty sure I want a BAT preamp. But I visited there web site and I could not figure out (in english) the benefits of the "se" model. I am looking for any advice (based on personal experience prefferred, but any comments welcome) as I am unable to hear them side by side. Thanks a lot.
I recently read some commentary on this question somewhere in here. As I recall, he basically said that the 30 was more musical/euphonic. The SE was more accurate/uncolored. I am very interested in auditioning the 30 myself.
Good luck with your BAT purchase. I bought a VK50SE last fall and have no regrets. Wonderful build quality and sound. Very synergistic with my 10t's and Levinson 33H. Paul
As a former owner of the VK-30, I recommend it over the 30SE, **if**, (an important if), you are committed to obtaining quality NOS 6922-family tubes for the VK-30. IMO, a VK-30 with NOS Siemens 7308s or Amperex white-label 6922s, sounds better than the 30SE. To me. YMMV. Having said all that, I now own Lamm, which is light years beyond the BAT linestages. I have the L1, and yes I'm biased, I have an LL2 for sale here on audigon, so please disregard my opinion if you feel it is self-serving. I have nothing against BAT, I liked it very much in fact, but the Lamms are simply in another league.
I upgraded from a vk5i to vk5se. More clarity and dynamics from top to bottom. Extended high-frequency and bass. vk5i in comparison had more tubey bass, euphonic midrange.