BAT VK-200 vs Classe amps in general?

I've owned a number of SS amps over the years including several Classe amps. I'm thinking about trying BAT and was curious to learn if anyone has direct experience with the BAT VK-200 vs other solid state amps. My speakers will be modest Thiel CS 1.5's but I may go larger at some point. Thanks!
The VK200 is an exceptional amp, very musical and dynamic, sweet and authoritative at the same time. Mine replaced a Bryston 4B-st (which is no slouch either). I think it would also be an extremely good match for your Thiels although I don't have direct experience with this.
I had a Classe CA-100 I think. About 5 years ago. I almost bought a 2nd until I tried a vk200. The bat is an amazing amp for the money...better imaging, better warmth, and the highs we're really better. The Classe was a good amp, and you do get more power/$$ if you need it. If the VK200 is's a better amp period. IMO.
You can't talk about Classe amps "in general". The post-Omega Classe amps (e.g., the CAM-350 monoblocks) are a major step forward over the earlier Classes. The BAT is terrific, but if you want a fair comparison it has to be with the right power size and price of the recent Classes.
As a CS 3.6 owner I can say that I was much more impressed with the VK-200 over the CA-200. Even though the Classe had 100 wpc more power, the BAT just made more and better music through my Thiels. It(VK-200) in combination with the VK-3i has won yet another place in my heart for musicality. I think Thiel owners owe it to themselves to listen to BAT equipment with their speakers. It seems to have the right balance of accuracy (Thiels need and supply you with) as well as musicality (BAT has in spades).
I have owned a BAT VK-200 and a Classe CA-150 and I liked them both. They both had very good qualities. In my opinion the BAT VK-200 was the more musical of the two. That is not to say that the Classe was not musical, it is to say that the BAT was extraordinary musical. The bass response was similar in both amplifiers. The midrange was very good in both amplifiers (I would give the nod to the BAT but reasonable people may disagree). It is in the treble that the BAT distanced itself from the Classe. All that being said, they are both very good amplifiers and great values on the used market.
Thanks everyone. Since I have owned a number of Classe amps over the years, I thought it was time for a change and I'm seriously thinking about trying a BAT ss amp.

I have a CJ Premier 11a tube amp that I'm using at the moment and I plan to keep it at least until I find a ss amp with very similar qualities but with improved bass dyanmics. I'm not sure if this is possible but thought BAT might be worth investigating.
Hi Abe,

I while auditioning at a dealer, I listened to Thiel 2.3’s and pass labs x-150, x-1, pass aleph mono-blocks and arc 200 monos (I did not like the ARC Tubes w/Thiels).

Now I own x-2 and x-250 and Thiel 2.3’s. Match made in heaven. You get all the magic of tubes without the hassle.

At least audition.