BAT VK-200 or Odyssey Stratos for Magiess 1.6s?

I have narrowed my choices to these two. VK-200 is a bit higher price (used) compared to Stratos new with cap upgrade.
Both have rave reviews. (my ideal choice would be BAT VK-60, but can't afford it yet.)

Set warrantee issue aside. What would be a better choice for my system, in term of sound quality?

My system are
Maggies 1.6 (upgraded cross over) with Julian Zu cables (bi-wiring)
AES AE-3 (tube rectifier) pre-amp (used with Oxyfuel Zu Cables)
Cal Ikon 2 CD player (to be upgraded to Cary 308 soon).

I usually listen to a lot of female vocal, plus some Jazz, Classical, and general (anything, but heavy metal and rap)

I don't have a sepecific room size yet as I will get a house next year and hopefully the listening room size would be standard size. For now I will use it temporarily in 13'x17' room. I do not listen to very loud music.

I would love to see alternatives as well.

Thanks a lot

For the price of a used vk-200 you can get a dual mono Odyssey Stratos. I've owned the vk-500, currently own the vk-60 monos and Odyssey Stratos monos. The Odyssey is a very clean sounding solid state amp with plenty of current and oomph that the Maggies need. One vk-60 wouldn't do, not sure if dual mono would do the trick either.

I also have the AE-1 and AE-3 DJH version. Go for the DJH if you can find one. It definitely eliminates some of the glare in the stock AE-3 and improves soundstaging. Have fun.
Odyssey Stratos. Based everything I've read and heard from those who own them or reviewed them. IAR (International Audio Review) rated this about 2nd best in 1998 of all solid state amps reviewed. The list included the likes of ML 33H, Krell fpb300, SimAudio Moon W-5, BAT VK-200 and vk-500 and a host of others.

I don't think it's wise to put much stock in reviewers and their product reviews but I do believe that Peter Moncrief of IAR is a definite cut above the rest and really knows his stuff. Nevertheless, I do not believe you will find one bad professional or consumer review anywhere regarding the Stratos.

I've never listened to the Stratos but they do come with a 30 day satisfaction guaranteed or your money back so the risk is minimal.

I like the BAT. I use a VK500 with 3.5s and LOVE it.Also, resale for the BAT is quite good if you change your mind(you won't)
I recommend Plinius SA 100 MKIII (I have not heard the 102). I went from a Rogue 120 Magnum to the Plinius and the Plinius beat it in all areas except for not quite as liquid a midrange (very close). One review I read about it said it gave an inner glow to the instruments and that describes the sound very well, every instrument has a special focused quality. Another reason to go with the Plinius is the bass is very articulate, you always know what is going on down there. I am very happy with the sound I get.

My system includes a Rogue 99 Magnum pre, Linn LP12 with Grado Sonata, Maggie 1.6 and AZ wire.
OOPS I thought you were asking for alternatives too, I need more sleep
Yes, I would love to hear alternatives as well, especially tube amp (1.5K range) that can drive Maggies.

Thanks a lot

Hi Ake,

This is one of the few threads in which I actually have something useful to say. I have owned both the VK-200 and the Odyssey Stratos. The rest of the system included a Rogue 99 pre amp, Cary 303 CDP, and Dynaudio 1.3 Mk II (like the maggies, the dynos like power).

First, I would like to say that they are both fine amps, but I would give the nod to the BAT. When I went from the Stratos to the VK-200, I found the BAT more refined overall. The sound of the amp was warmer, the bass went deeper, and it was much less harsh in the upper frequencies (I noticed this most on poor recordings). The BAT sound was perfect for me since my system was in a large family room with large windows and hardwood floors (on the bright side).

For the record, I no longer have either amp. I have downsized my system and I am holding down the fort with a vintage Luxman receiver. If I was short on cash, I would buy the Stratos, but if I could swing it, I would easily buy the BAT over the Stratos. I think the performance is definitely worth the price difference. If you are patient, you can get a good price on a used VK-200.
For what it's worth, I am running a BAT vk200 into my 1.6s, and have never felt that I wanted to experiment with anything else. For me, this combination let's me forget about equipment and just enjoy the music with worrying that there's something 'more' out there. Good luck.
If you can afford $1800.00, the Odyssey Stratos Dual-Mono (2 monoblocks in 1 chassis)is the way to go. This high current amp will make those Maggies sing like they never have before.