BAT vk-200 or Krell KSA 80/100

I am looking to spend around $1000 +/- for a 2 channel amp to power my Silverline Panatella mk I's. Currently they are powered by a Harman Kardon PA-5800 5 channel amp. This amp I will keep to run the surrounds but I want something to coax a little extra detail out of the Silverlines for two channel listening. The pre pro is a Lexicon DC-1. Are there any others I should consider? Thanks, Wade
Have KSA100 for about 7 years. Tube like qualities. Underrated at 100 wpc. KSA80 is supposed to be a sweet amp, too. KSA 100 is a great unit. Let me know if you have any questions.
Amazing amp. I've had more expensive, tubes, class A, but none better than my 100.2. It's better than the VK-200; I owned one of those, too.
I have a BAT VK 200 driving my Silverline Sonata II's with good success. My only complaint is that it runs a little hot. They are an excellent value for approx. $1250 used.
I owned both a KSA 50 and KSA 80 years ago. While the 80, when fully warmed up, was a nice sounding amp, it was not as "sweet" as the 50. Nor would I call the VK200 I've heard sweet. Both are good amps; the Krell being an older vintage, there might be some caps to replace, but it was a good design that can sound pretty good today. One thing--if Pdreher thinks the BAT runs a little hot, then I can tell you the Krell runs VERY hot, as it is a true Class A design. It'll be a good space heater for you, if you want one. And it is at least as powerful as the VK200, subjectively--its power doubles into each lower impedance, and it really puts out over 100 watts into 8 ohms (they called it the 80 because they didn't want confusion with the prior KSA 100).