BAT VK-200 Burn-in time?

Just got a new-in-box BAT VK-200 power amp, and was wondering how long I can expect the burn-in period to be. Thanks for any helpful info.

Not sure about burn in time. My vk-500 after quite a bit of use still took about 1/2 hr to "warm up" for a good listening session.
I had a VK 500 for a while. If I remember correctly it
took about 50 hours for things to mellow down and loosen
up a bit. At 100 hours it was really beginning to sing.
Hang in there.

I used to have a vk 200 before I went to the BAT tube amps. You have a great amp. Say about 200 hours playing hard. I also used to leave mine on almost continuously. It seems to sound better after a hour of warm up...then another small notch after about 24 hours of being on...

Good luck..
about 15 minutes to 30 minutes for most tube gear....remember tubes don't break in on a bell curve, they break down over time (hopefully a long time).