BAT VK-200 Burn-in time?

Just got a new-in-box BAT VK-200 power amp, and was wondering how long I can expect the burn-in period to be. Thanks for any helpful info.

Not sure about burn in time. My vk-500 after quite a bit of use still took about 1/2 hr to "warm up" for a good listening session.
I had a VK 500 for a while. If I remember correctly it
took about 50 hours for things to mellow down and loosen
up a bit. At 100 hours it was really beginning to sing.
Hang in there.

about 15 minutes to 30 minutes for most tube gear....remember tubes don't break in on a bell curve, they break down over time (hopefully a long time).
I used to have a vk 200 before I went to the BAT tube amps. You have a great amp. Say about 200 hours playing hard. I also used to leave mine on almost continuously. It seems to sound better after a hour of warm up...then another small notch after about 24 hours of being on...

Good luck..
Shortage of funds forced me to sell some gear and return to the VK200 I had sitting in silence. I forgot how good this guy is.

What are you matching it with and how did you find a new one?

Have fun!
Gunbei: I have it paired with a BAT VK-3ix and Gallo Ref 3's. Finding a new VK-200 took some tough internet searching, but a dealer in Miami had one. BAT told me they would give me the full warranty too, even though the product is discontinued. Gotta love that.

Yeah, BAT [Viktor Khomenko] are great people to deal with. I had a VK3i once as well. Make sure you mate them using a true balanced interconnect.