BAT VK-20 vs BAT VK-40 vs ML 380S

I've heard a 380S and love it, but unfortunately can't afford it. The BAT models are more in my price range, but I don't have a dealer nearby. Can someone compare/contrast the 20 against the 40, and then against the 380S? Also, is the six pack BAT upgrade worthwhile? Thanks!
I know that the vk-40 is a big step up from the 380. I owned a 380 and then went to the 40se and it was a significant improvement. hope this helps
I am also considering these brands of preamp. Lordgorian, would you mind getting more specific? Thanks, Z.
I would like some clarification as well, Lordgorian. Are you talking about the 380 or the 380S? Also, I'm not familiar with a VK-40SE...I thought the SE models were tube models whereas the 40 is solid state? Can you say how it's better? Thanks!
Well, it looks as if Lordgorian ain't comin' back, folks. Meanwhile, I got myself a 380S and am still auditioning it, but it seems quite good, no doubt the best preamp I've had, but you do pay for that. Still couldn't compare to the BAT's though, which I haven't heard...