BAT Solid State Amps?

BAT tube amps have been discussed extensively here on Audiogon and in the audio press but I've seen very little discussion of their solid state products such as the VK250. In fact I know nothing about them.
Check out their website where they discuss design features and have reviews posted for their previous models. I do not remember seeing any reviews on the newer models yet, although knowing the work of the designer, I assume they are as good or better than previous. Also do a search both here and on Audio Asylum's Amp/Preamp forum. I own the VK-500 and think it sounds quite good in my system. As a general comparison, the BAT amps use a simplified two gain stage zero negative feedback design with high quality matched N-Channel MOSFET circuits. Designers and opinions vary, with some others using negative feedback, and many using bipolar output devices. The all MOSFET design is usually said to sound smoother or more "tube like" (which probably means oriented towards a smooth musical midrange), but some say that comes at the expense of dynamics and bass definition, compared to designs using bipolar output devices. I would consider the VK-500 on the smoother and more laid back side of neutral, compared to an "up front" sound, but with at least adequate detail, dynamics and bass punch. This is where you need to have an idea of what your listening bias and priorities are. Also good system matching is important. The BAT designs are true dual mono, and in the case of the larger amps like the 500 and new 600, are like having two separate amps - they have two separate transformers, and even have two power cords. BAT is also big on providing a large power supply to improve dynamics, and offers upgrades of increased power storage via their BAT PAK, which is an optional block of capacitors. Opinions here vary, with many having their favorites such as Pass, McCormack, Parasound monos, etc.etc., but at that level most of the amps are at least good, and just sound different due to the different design goals and implementation. Speaker matching is important. Make sure the amp is appropriate for the speakers you are driving. Maybe some VK-200 owners can jump in here since that amp is closer to the new 250.
What does that tell you? I have a BAT tube cd player, phono preamp and preamp, and I like a solid state amplifier. I don't own a BAT amp though. I feel their tube products represent a very good value for the dollar, while their solid state products are simply competative. Their SS products aren't bad, they just don't represent as good a value, IMHO.

I don't think BAT's alone here though, Audio Research and conrad-johnson come quickly to mind, as examples of other companies whose tube products get much more press than their solid state offerings.
My Vk3i PreAmp and VK-200 are a Spectacular Combo...
Cableing is Very Important I Have the HT Magics and Cybals Sound Clear Bright and Lifelike, No roll Off Here especially with my often dead reviewed Soliloquy 6.5 Speakers. The VK-200 Is a Very Special Well Balanced Amp.
I Think It Cannot Be Characterized as Bright or OverBassed.
Check Out E-Bay Now Prices Have Really dropped On These Amps $1200.
When it comes to BAT, ARC and CJ. In my experience, make sure the piece has a tube in it.
I would agree with Mitch's assessment...I also own the VK500 and partner it with a Bat tubed CDP and pre-amp...I like firm, solid deep bass and always felt an SS amp did that end best.
I have previously owned a BAT VK-500w/BAT pak, it was a good amplifier for its time. It was a touch on the dark side and not the last word in resolution or transparency but then again it was not priced like it was. Yes there are better ss amps out there, but the BAT's can run toe to toe with most similiar priced amps. I do agree that there tube amps offer a better "value".
The Bat Vk-500 was no match for the Krell Ksa-250 on my Apogee Duetta strained and became harsh. It was pretty good amp over-all though and I would still rate it 4 out of 5 in the big SS amp camp with the Krell being a 4.5 because of a slight SS grain even though never under strain.